Weekly Lessons from Life

Every minute, every hour, every day, every week; life pushes us down, and lifts us up. It puts us in the middle of a nightmare, and shows us the dream in the distance. It tells us to struggle for the reward, and push through the pain to become more, but not forget who you are. Life is constantly teaching us in its own peculiar way. The real challenge is being open to the lessons, learning them, and then applying them.

These lessons ring no truer than on the journey of change. On the journey from where you are to where you want to be. Change is hard though, it makes us question ourselves and even our sanity. It makes us doubt the intentions of those around us. It makes us take a hard, long look at our weaknesses, our cracks, and our flaws. But it also shows us the beauty of life. It makes us see more, do more, and become more than our previous limitations had us believe we could. It opens us up to the miracle that we are and the abundance that dwells within us. It brightens the world and colours the black and white. Change is the constant many of us fight and resist. The unstoppable force that many of us stand in front of thinking we are the immovable object. Change is also the key to our dreams, hopes, ambitions, and goals.