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From a weekly series in 2013 to entrepreneurship, networking, martial arts and music to personal & professional development.

Select ‘n’ Start’s founder, Jeffrey Azan, began a weekly series of “Morning Talks” with the staff at a retail store he managed. This ultimately led to a massive improvement in internal communication, staff confidence, customer service, and work ethic within the company. For the first time, Jeffrey felt like he knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. He gave up his role as a manager and dived into the waters of personal development and professional speaking. Select ‘n’ Start was born.

Not long into his journey, he met other like-minded individuals from different walks of life who shared his passion for helping others maximize their potential, through unconventional education and empowerment. These individuals joined forces, bringing together all that they had learnt from business, entrepreneurship, networking, martial arts, music, Toastmasters International, formal schooling, and a lifetime of mentorship. The small team began producing talks, workshops, and coaching strategies that equip individuals, companies, and organizations, with the right mind set, information, and strategies to achieve higher levels of success. In other words, Select ‘n’ Start began the Leveling Up process.

The company was formalized in Feb of 2017 and continues to serve and help corporations, social organizations, government organizations, faith based organizations, business owners, and individuals to achieve their next level of performance and success; to #LevelUp.

Our mission

Creating exponentially transformative value. That’s a bold statement, here’s how.

Our mission is to create exponentially transformative value through personal development training and motivation thus becoming a powerhouse of change that will make Jamaica the international standard-bearer in the field of Personal Development.


“Change your Game; Change your Life”

A small change can grow into a radical difference. How small a change is necessary depends on how well you understand the game. The basis of any game is founded on 3 base principles: an agreed upon objective or set of objectives, an agreed upon set of rules, and an agreed upon number of players. Life in many instances, acts just as a game does, following these same 3 principles. We set an objective or objectives for our life, we decide the rules we’re going to play by, and we decide which and how many players we are going to play with and against. In short, if you want to change your life, you’ve got to change the game, which means changing the objectives, the rules, and/or the players.

Team members

Jeffrey Azan

Founder & Managing Director

Olivia Anderson

Executive Assistant