Change Your Game Programme

Ten workshops focused on increasing your motivation, enhancing your mastery of key life skills and opening your mind to new perspectives of your life. Combining these three objectives we promise that you’ll Level Up.

The courses & objectives

Ten courses broken up into three categories:

Discover & Align Your Objectives, Master the Rules, and Choose Your Players. Each course focuses on a particular personal development area such as sources of motivation, self discipline, and enhancing your impact. After participating in the 10 courses you’ll be equipped with the knowledge, mastery, and understanding to Change your Game of Life in any way you so choose.

Discover & Align Your Objectives

The starting point in any journey is to clearly identify where is it you’re going, and why are you going there. The workshops in this category are focused on addressing these two critical questions of your life. Where are you going? and Why are you here?

Acquiring Vision

“Without a vision the man perishes,” a bit dramatic but factual. Acquiring Vision walks one through the methodology to building a vision for the life you want to live not the things you want to have. We firmly believe if you live the life you want to live first, then the things you want will come accordingly.

Finding Purpose

The why, the intention, the purpose, influences all your action. Though we are all here with a soul set purpose, in time without fail, it gets buried in society set responsibilities. Let us teach you how to unearth it, use it, focus on it, and let it fuel your greatness.

Master the Rules

There are people who win by luck, and there are people who win because they know and understand the rules and then use them to their advantage. Life works the same way, if you don’t know the rules, your chances of winning are beyond slim and winning is only coincidental. However if you possess mastery over the rules of life then you can use them to your advantage to consistently win at life.

Time Management

The most important resource, always ticking, always counting down. 86,400 seconds in a day and we want to teach you how to account for them, budget them, invest them, and allow them to free up more time than you knew you had.

Money Matters

Money makes the world go round, yet the love of money is the root of all evil. As much a part of human civilization as farming, fishing, and hunting. Yet we don’t teach about it in our formal education systems. We will unravel the history, debunk the mystery, and equip you with mastery of money.

Emotions & Energy

At our core we are all emotional beings. Our emotional state is the biggest influencer of our energy levels, of our decision making, and of our daily interactions. Understanding our emotional states, as well as being mindful of the emotional states of others provides us with a basis for us to harness our energy and direct it to our goals in life. Where focus goes, energy flows, and emotion is simply energy in motion.

Creativity & Value

One of the biggest lies we grow up believing is that because we can’t draw, sing, dance, paint, or act, then we are not creative. We are systematic, black and white, logically inclined. Creativity in truth is a gift we all have, and stepping into our creative self is the key to us maximizing our value in life and to the world.

Thoughts & Mental Attitude

Your mental state and recurring thoughts are like the difficulty setting on the game of life. A consistently negative mindset leads to a much harder life than necessary. We will show you how to actively control your thoughts and develop the mindset to make life as simple and as easy as it can be.

Your Ethical Code

This is not about morals or good versus evil, this is about what positive roadblocks are you going to erect in your own life. Your ethical code will limit your options in life, but it will also serve to protect and guide you in times of uncertainty. Let’s work to create your own ethical code.

Choose Your Players

Who are you playing with and who are you playing against? Most of us don’t know. Some of us don’t pay close enough attention to tell the difference. Few of us are deliberate of clearly identifying who’s on our team and who is playing for us to lose. These few tend to be the successful few in life. Your level of success is in large due to the relationships you keep.

Relationship Building

We aren’t alone in this world, we weren’t in the beginning and chances are we won’t be in the end. Yet most of us aren’t deliberate in the relationships that we keep. Categorize and evaluate your relationships so that you can adjust them in order to surround yourself with the maximum positive influence, security, and support available.

Communication Skills

Public speaking is deemed a greater fear than the fear of death and yet the greatest leaders in history have all been great orators. Language and communication has been the unifying and dividing power of all of human history. Mastering the science of effective speech can be the difference between the greatest levels of success and never getting out of the rat race.