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Levels & Medz: Business Edition

Levels & Medz lies at the core of what Select ‘n’ Start is all about, motivating, inspiring, and helping people, to increase their understanding, shift their perspective, make decisions and take actions to change their lives for the better permanently. The business edition will be hosted during entrepreneurship week, and will focus on helping those who have a business idea, a small business, or are thinking of getting into business, garner an understanding of what business really involves and how they can effectively go about shaping the career or business they envision.

HEART Trust/NTA - South East Graduation Ceremony (Private)

We’ve been invited as the keynote speaker to one of the graduating classes of the HEART Trust/NTA. The presentation will be geared towards empowering the students to not only use their skills that they have recently been certified in but also their God given talent and understanding to add value to a business or company, their own lives, their community, and the nation at large.

Self Discussions: Weekly Lessons from Life Book Launch

This is the book launch of the first book authored by a Select ‘n’ Start Game Changer and the first book published under the Select ‘n’ Start brand. Self Discussions: Weekly Lessons from Life, is a compilation of the top 52 messages crafted by Jeffrey Azan over three years of putting positive messages out into the social media space. This event promises to be a milestone in the journey of Select ‘n’ Start and its team.

Youth Vision Seminar

The Youth Vision Seminar is geared towards empowering university students with the skills and understanding necessary to mold their ideal life. The event will host young and exuberant speakers including Gemmar McFarlane, Tori Haber, and Damoi Gordon, whose visions have influenced their life decisions and has led them into the careers and lives they have chosen and fallen in love with. Jeffrey Azan will also be presenting on the methodology to vision building and the power that vision offers. Following your vision may not be comfortable at all times, but it is always worth it.