“The story nobody knows about you, is the story no one will forget.”

Jeffrey Azan

Founder & Managing Director

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Having been raised in his family business, Jeffrey possesses over 18 years of experience in the retail industry, which grants him a strong understanding of customer service, management, and sales. During his early adult years while working at Azan’s he took his chance as an entrepreneur through several endeavours: A network marketer, a café owner under the brand Café Moments, a consultant on the Brand Profit team, and the organizer of the live music show, A Moment of Jazz. Jeffrey has also worked as a Market Researcher for WISYNCO and as General Manager of the brand solution company, It’s Pixel Perfect. In conjunction with his business background he also possesses a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Boston University.

Outside of his professional background, Mr. Azan possesses a martial arts history with over 10 years of study and teaching of karate, and a complimenting 6 plus years of public speaking and leadership training with Toastmasters International. Jeffrey has managed to excel in both fields, earning his 3rd degree black belt from I.S.K.F. while at the same time winning the 2017 Caribbean Speech Championship for Impromptu Speaking.

In 2013 Mr. Azan found the key to unlocking his potential and since then he’s been on a mission to share that key with others. He’s taken all that he’s learnt from his years in business, schooling, martial arts, and Toastmasters International, to produce talks, workshops, and coaching strategies, to help people and organizations maximize their potential. This mission has granted Mr. Azan the opportunity to share his thoughts and teachings in a number of settings; most notably he was invited on to Jamaica’s most prominent TV Interview, “Profile” with the late Ian Boyne. All of Mr. Azan’s teachings stem from a simple philosophy, “Change your game, Change your life.”


Toastmasters International

Advance Communicator (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
Advance Leader Bronze
Triple Crown Recipient 2013/2014
Division B (Jamaica)Toastmaster of the Year 2013/2014
District 81 (the Caribbean)Table Topics Champion 2017
Past Club President 2014/2015 & 2018/2019
Past Area Director 2016/2017
Past Assistant Division B Director Club Growth 2016/2017

Jamaica Zen Do Kai Kan Karate Organization

Ichi Dan (1st Degree) Black Belt (1999)

International Shotokan Karate Federation (ISKF)

San Dan (3rd Degree) Black Belt (2017)
Jamaica Representative to XXXI Adults Pan American Karate
Championship Curacao 2017